VolleyScout Player - How To
How to scout

The scouting process with VolleyScout Player consists of two fundamental steps:

1) choose a skill
2) choose the evaluation

These two steps should be repeated once every touch of the volleyball player who is being scouted.

Data is stored in the system only after the evaluation is chosen. The user is notified of the successful recording by a short phone vibration and a message displayed on the screen.
In case of mistake it is possible to undo the last recording by clicking on the delete button .

The total number of touches stored in the system is shown on the stat button .

Clicking on the stat button moves you to the statistics screen, where all recordings are summarized in 4 key performance indicators per skill.

The delete button in the statistics screen is there to allow the user to delete all recordings.

How to choose the evaluation

VolleyScout Player supports 4 evaluation levels, that are equivalent to double negative, negative, positive, double positive.

Select the "double negative" button to express an error that causes a point for the opposite team

Select the "negative" button to express a poor touch that is hardly managed by the team or easily managed by the opposite team

Select the "positive" button to express a touch that is easily managed by the team or hardly managed by the opposite team

Select the "double positive" button when a point is scored through attack, serve, block or in case of precise dig or serve receive