VolleyScout Pro
VolleyScout Pro is the most advanced tool in the VolleyScout volleyball product line. This innovative app makes professional volleyball scouting features available on Android smartphones or tablets and on IPad in a rich and easy to use user interface.

VS-Pro allows to collect scouting data for all players in all sets in a volleyball match including: 6 skills (serve, serve receive, attacks, digs, blocks, settings), rotations, substitutions, time outs.
Additionally, the user can select the number of evaluation levels (up to five) and optionally track and analyse serve and attack directions and set distribution.

Multiple volleyball tournaments, teams and matches can be managed.

The volleyball scout activity is carried out in a single screen where the user can collect data and have an immediate feedback on the current performance level of each player.
The data collected can be analized through summary views, detailed views various charts and can be sent via e-mail.
Some snapshots from the Android version:

VS-Pro main menu
VS-Pro tournaments management screen
VS-Pro team management screen
VS-Pro player editing screen
VS-Pro scouting screen
VS-Pro quick stats screen
VS-Pro summary stats screen
VS-Pro player detailed stats screen
VS-Pro Summary Chart
VS-Pro summary stats screen
VS-Pro Rotation Statistics Chart
VS-Pro Efficiency Chart
VS-Pro Delta ++/-- Chart