VolleyScout Pro - How To
How to setup the system

In the main menu choose the configuration icon. In the related screen you should define the season, the number of evaluation levels you are going to use (between 2 and 5), and you have to choose whether you want the player to be shown in the scouting screen with their number or their nickname (android version only).

You can also choose whether you intend to track attack and serve directions and set distribution. This will be the system default. Before entering the scouting screen you will have anyway the chance to decide what you actually want to do for the match you are going to scout.

Then, in the main menu click on the matches icon and define at least one tournament with at least one match.

Once you are done, go back again to the main menu and click on the team button. You have then to add at least one team with at least six players. There must be at least one setter in the team.

How to scout

The scouting process with VolleyScout Pro consists of a number of steps:

1) click on the scouting icon
2) select the team and the match. You will end up in the scouting screen.
3) start the match by dragging six players in the court
4) for each action click on the skill, then the player and then on the evaluation level. A phone vibration will confirm that the scouting was recorded.
5) when necessary, you can apply a lineup rotation by using the right arrow icon
6) once the set is over, increase the match result by clicking on the right button. All players will be moved off the court, the set score will be reset and you will be ready to scout the next set.

If you have chosen to track serves, attacks directions or the set distribution, after choosing the player a new screen with an empty court will popup and will allow you to choose where the attack / serve started and where it ended up or where the set was targeted.
You are then moved back to the scouting screen where you are expected to choose the evaluation.
The destination of the attack or serve has to be chosen among the six cells. In case of players errors you should anyway choose the cell that the player was targeting. Through the double negative evaluation you will express the fact that she/he failed or was blocked.

In the Android version, during the match the player color may change, the darker, the more positive the player is.

You may quickly check statistics via the "analysis" menu button in the scouting screen: points scored, faults, percentage of positive touches and efficiency are displayed for each player.

When possible, the system will increase the number of points scored by the teams, otherwise you have to do it manually by clicking on the right button. If you want to decrease the value, keep the button pressed longer (Android version) or click on the "-" button under the score (iPad version).

Should you quit the scouting screen, you can resume the scouting operation by reloading the last status of the match via the "reload" menu button (Android version only).

How to choose the evaluation

VolleyScout Pro supports up to 5 evaluation levels, that are equivalent to double negative, negative, neutral, positive, double positive.

Select the "double negative" button to express an error that causes a point for the opposite team

Select the "negative" button to express a poor touch that is hardly managed by the team or easily managed by the opposite team

Select the "neutral" button to express the neutral result of a touch or in case you cannot judge

Select the "positive" button to express a touch that is easily managed by the team or hardly managed by the opposite team

Select the "double positive" button when a point is scored through attack, serve, block or in case of precise dig or serve receive

As described above, you can have a first look at statistics directly from the scouting screen menu.

For more detailed statistics, go back to the main menu and click on the statistics icon.

In this screen you can also send via email the detailed statistics of the match and team you have chosen.

You can then choose a team and a match and you will get the performance evaluation per skill/player.

For watching the detailed statistics of a single player, click on the player line.

From the menu you can go to the charts screen and choose among various charts:

1) Summary - shows the per skill evaluation distribution for all players. The blue line shows the distribution of touches among players

2) Rotations - shows the number of per skill double positive and double negative for the team

3) Directions - shows the double positive and double negative directions for attacks and serve

4) Efficiency - shows the per skill efficiency per player

5) Totall, ++, -- - shows for each player and skill the total number of touches, double negative and double positive